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How to fit writing into a busy family life

A few tips and tricks to keep your writing fresh while juggling your family

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For many writers, finding that balance between their families and their writing, whether it be articles, short stories or that novel you've planning to write, is a hard medium to attain. Juggling motherhood, being a wife, and your daytime job (if you have one) leaves you with very little time left to write. If you're like most writers, once you get an idea in mind for a story, poem, etc., you must write it down right then or risk forgetting it forever.

That's where the first tip comes in: Take a notebook with you everywhere! Make sure that if you get a great idea, you can jot it down at any time. Buy a couple cheap ones from the Dollar Store and keep one in your purse or briefcase, in the car, at work, even on your nightside table. You'd be surprised how many times I've woken in the middle of the night, inspired by a dream and ready to write down my creative genius.

Secondly, many writers set schedules to maintain their productivity. If you have children and/or a significant other, creating a writing schedule will probably work best for you. For example, if you're a stay-at-home-mom/dad, arrange your writing time to be during your child's nap-times. Perhaps they don't take naps any longer, then just plan it for when they're at play-dates, preschool, etc. If you're a working mom,  or dad, scheduling time for your writing might be trickier. Maybe you could reserve time at night, once the kids are in bed, or first thing in the morning before they wake. Weekends are also invaluable to both SAHM's and working parents. Again, try writing at night or morning, or plan your writing time during school activities (sports) or playdates.

Trying to juggle parenting, work, your spouse and writing is definitely a challenge. Another way you can work in your creative time is to use your family's support of your talent and let them babysit for you if have a deadline for an article, even if it's for an hour, it is still free time that you can use to write on your current project. Your family and friends are a great network of help and support for your freelance writing career.

Utilizing writer's community websites are also a good way to keep in the loop, keep your writing fresh and to have that comraderie with other writers in your particular niche. Such sites include:, that lets you showcase your work online, communicate with other writers, get reviews on your work, enter contests and more. Another good site is This online writing neighborhood also lets you showcase your writing, befriend other writers, get reviews and enter contests. These ideas will help keep you connected to the writing community, so you don't feel isolated if you can't be out among other writer's in your life. Keep your work fresh and creative and make friends that will inspire and support your writing.

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I am a SAHM to my 18-month old daughter and a freelance writer. Been married for 11 years to my sweetheart. I enjoy writing, reading mysteries and scrapbooking.

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