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Debriefing after the holidays

How can I be expected to work this week?

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Today was *THE* Monday back to work after an 11-day break.  Um. Hello! My boss should be grateful that I showed up instead of calling in sick just to squeeze one more day of freedom from the ever cold hard clutching hands of adulthood and responsibility.  Instead, my boss gave me work to do. Pfff! I say, just pfff!

Shouldn't there be some "down time" upon your return of a long break? Shouldn't there be some "Just take it easy and get settled back in" time? Or is it just me?

I hate that feeling of coming back to work after any amount of time off and BAM! Everyone is hitting me all at once.

"I need this!"

"I need that!"

"Can you do this?"

"Didn't know about that?"

"Where have you been?"

"Did you finish XYZ yet?"

I want to scream, "Give me a minute! Let me get my foot in the door!  Stop acting like my kids when I first walk in the door after work."  But I don't scream. I do my best to get it all done. I do my best to do everything in a flash so as to appear that I wasn't really ever gone and couldn't have possibly disrupted anyone else's life with my absence.  Because I'm nothing if not guilt ridden when I take time off from work.

It's funny, though. When I take time off, I'm torn between wanting to be missed and have that feeling of "Nobody can do my job as good as me! Call me if you need anything" and when they do call, I'm totally "O.M.G. can't you figure just one thing out for yourself?! Do I have to hold your hand the entire time?! Leave me alone! I'm on vacation for goodness sake!!"

So, dear readers, how to do you handle taking vacation time? Do you make yourself available? Or do you turn off your BlackBerry? And when you come back from a long break, do you feel as if you missed all kinds of stuff and are totally out of the loop? Or is that just me?

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