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Reply All: A tool for the passive aggressive bully?

If the office isn't burning down, should you hit "reply all"?

by Paige Taylor  |  3174 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

I have one co-worker that never fails to hit “reply all” to all emails that I send out. Now, this isn’t a big deal in the big scheme of things, but it’s always to call me out on something and it annoys the crap out of me!

Prime Example:In my position, I send out birthday announcements.  If it’s your birthday, and you’ve made it known, I will send out an email to the staff letting them know -- "Hey! It’s your birthday." I usually put your picture in the email along with a cute little Happy Birthday frame or message or something cute like that.  Everyone seems to enjoy these types of emails and the staff has fun with them.

One such birthday fell on a holiday when the main office would be closed.  However, some of our affiliate offices would not be shut down.  I said in the email, which went primarily to the staff at the main office, “Because of [insert name] birthday, everyone gets the day off! Enjoy!”  Well, well, well, Ms. Know it all took it upon herself to reply all and say, “XYZ will not be closed.”  Everyone in the office knew this information already and the whole point of the birthday announcement is to just have a moment of fun, wish someone a happy birthday.  I was clearly joking about everyone having the day off for her birthday.  It’s not like breaking news on CNN or those annoying weather beeps during TV programming letting you know server weather is on the way and everyone needs to stop working and run to the basement for safety.   

Is it just me, or is this person just a Debbie Downer? Do you feel the need to reply all when someone sends out an email with misleading or incorrect information? Or do you just reply to the sender and assume that the sender can make the appreciate corrections instead of calling out the sender in front of everyone and making him (or her) look like a fool OR is the one that hits “reply all” the one that looks like the fool?

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