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Being your best you?

Ignore the nonsense and relax a little!

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Do you follow blogs? Do you read magazines? Do you watch TV? Then, dear reader, you are exposed to the "grass is always greener syndrome." You know what I'm talking about. The longing wistful feeling when you see photos of a perfectly decorated room, a lushly landscaped backyard or a perfectly toned youthful model's body.  Human nature programs us to always strive for the next thing, for something more, something better. It's how we survive. But it's also how we get really stressed out.  So, what to do to keep it in perspective and fight the urge to "better-ize" your life?

1.) Turn it off With the onslaught of multi-media, cross-promotion, daily blog updates -- it's easy to get sucked up in the online debris. Limit your online consumption to a few meaningful sites or better yet, take a complete break for a day or two. Facebook will still be there when you come back.

2.) Be realistic Every woman's photograph you see in a magazine has been completely retouched. "Gee,"' you think, "Kate Winslet has such flawless skin in those Lancome ads." Maybe she does. Maybe Lancome works wonderfully. Maybe Photoshop does, too. Every home decorating magazine has a team of stylists working to make those rooms perfect. SO I'm sure if you had a team of stylists working for you, you could also achieve the same effect. really.

3.) One thing at a time "Drop off kids, go to work, work, meeting, lunch, meet deadline, commute, pick up kids, make dinner, pack lunches, brush teeth, play with kids, talk to hubby, supervise homework,  pick up clutter, sleep..." Those may be some of your "must-do" chores.  A busy full day? Yup. So focus on only one other project at a time. You'll find a single thing is enough to get that feeling of accomplishment.

4.) Let it go The inclination to be, as Kanye West sings, "better, bigger, stronger, faster" is great, at times. And other times, you need to just "be." And not be always reaching for the next thing. It is hard at first, but if you imagine a giant STOP sign when you find your mind racing through "If only I could lose 5 pounds" or "Maybe I should re-organize my closet," you can circumvent these constant new projects.  And, better yet,  you will most likely end up saving a ton of money if you use this technique.

So, take a little break from the Super Woman routine and try out the 'less is more' adage. You may find it helps you be a better, more relaxed you.

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