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5 trends every woman can wear this spring

What's hot this season

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Here are five hot spring fashion trends that every woman can wear in 2010. Some of these trends may be found in your closet already.  The key to looking good in these hot fashion trends is choosing the clothing in styles that are flattering on you, appropriate for your age and are right for the event you are attending.

1.) Denim fashion is back with a vengeance. It won't go away.  There are many fashions in denim that you can wear and look "in style." You can carry a denim handbag, or wear a denim jacket. There are skirts, shirts, dresses or shoes in denim to update your wardrobe. Beware too much denim can look tacky. If you are over 40 most women should wear their denim pants for hiking, gardening and working around the house.

2.) Bold colors are strong this year and wearing them will give you a lift. You can add any item in a bold color to your wardrobe. Color will give any outfit a punch!

3.) Wearing stripes can be a little tricky, but anyone can carry a striped handbag or wear a striped scarf or shoes. Wearing horizontal stripes can make you look wider. If you have a small top and narrow shoulders they look great. Vertical stripes can give you height and a slim appearance if you are short. Vertical stripes on a tall thin person can make them look taller. Assess your figure type before you choose something with stripes.

4.) One of the latest trends in fashion is light weight leathers. The stores will be carrying a variety of styles in leathers. Below is a white light weight leather jacket. 

5.) A blazer is a must have this season. The jacket should fit you perfectly. Length depends on your height. Short women should wear shorter lengths and tall girls can wear longer lengths (mid-hip). Your jacket should have a slight nip in the waist for some shape. The amount of shape will depend on your hips. Jacket sleeves should reach your wrist-bone. 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch of your shirt sleeve can show or wear the sleeves rolled up for a boyfriend look.

Trends for 2010 spring inspired by the designer runway shows are arriving at department stores now. This is a good time to take a look for the best selections if you are adding something to your wardrobe.

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