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Practical Strategies for Shifting the “I’m Not Enough” Gremlin

Pratical Strategies to Help Your Business Succee

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2.) Conscious Breathing. Whenever you notice that you feel anxious and the gremlin is having a chat party inside, just the simple act of breathing consciously can help shift your energy. Consciously and in a relaxed way (not forced) -- breathe in to receive, and breathe out to release. I do this with my clients quite often at the beginning of a teleclass to help them get present and be in our virtual space together.

3.) Exercise. Ask your body what it really needs. My body needs exercise, stretching and movement every day. Just moving your body will move your energy and get you out of your mind and back into your body so you can access all of you – not just your relentless analytic side.

4.) Guided Visualizations. I find sitting in quiet meditation difficult, so I’m a big fan of guided visualizations. I have all different types loaded on my iPod. I will often take a break in the middle of the afternoon and listen to my angels, take a guided imagery walk to my favorite peaceful location, or just relax listening to positive affirmations about my body. It’s enough to shift my energy and reconnect to my creativity and that possibility-energy.

5.) Nap. Sometimes, especially when I’m going through a big growth phase in my business, I find I need more sleep. I’ll get sleepy in the afternoon, and my gremlin goes crazy with the thoughts that I’m procrastinating, and I need to do more, and... And I’ve learned to trust that I often just need a 15- or 30-minute nap to recharge. It’s like my body needs to keep up with my new expanded sense of self.

6.) Business Girlfriends. Science says that women connecting to other women releases oxytocin. This feels good! Know which business girlfriends you can give a “911 call” to who will let you share your gremlin thoughts. You’ll feel good releasing, you get great chemicals to support a feel-good mood, and your friend will let you know how fabulous you really are. A true win-win. Just make sure it’s a supportive friend who understands you, and you can reciprocate!

7.) What Would Your Business Goddess Say? This is one of my favorite exercises for women entrepreneurs. We don’t often relate to being the CEO of our business, but we can step into the identity of a Business Goddess – even if just for a moment. When you look at your business, project, or situation from the place of being a business Goddess -- suddenly your perspective will shift and new ideas, new opportunities or new ways of looking at it will emerge.

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