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Is it fear of failure or fear of success that is holding you back?

by Wendy Piersall :: eMom  |  3777 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

At least I knew what to expect with “ho-hum”.

Now, by some standards, my site (eMoms at Home) is hugely successful - compare it to iVillage or even TechCrunch, and we’re still an internet peon.

I won’t kid you by saying that busting through these fears was easy. Honestly, I’d have to say that they were the hardest challenge of all - pushing me to the limits of what I felt I was capable of (and well beyond it, at times).

In short, the internal walls to success are far more difficult to conquer than any external challenge you will ever face as a business owner.

And I hate to sound negative, but no matter how successful I get, there still seems to be more internal roadblocks to overcome. The good news is that once you get a little practice at facing your fears and moving past them, it does get easier to do it again.

And again, … and again.

I was recently reading The Girl’s Guide to Building a Million Dollar Business by Susan Solovic. I expected great business strategy, networking advice, and an inspirational guide to getting big. Yes, the book has all that - but honestly, do you want to know what this book is really about?

Face your fears. Do it anyway.

It’s not an easy pill to swallow.

And honestly, it’s times like this that I rely on the personal lessons learned in the darkest moments of my life. I tell people over and over again when bad things happen, they will be thankful for the experience at some point in their lives. And this is how I get through times like this - by taking the $hit I have been through and using it as fuel to get me through:
If I can get through bulimia, homelessness, being single and pregnant, and an alcoholic marriage… well, building a super-successful business has GOT to be a piece of cake.

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Wendy Piersall is the CEO and Founder of eMoms at Home, the home business magazine for moms and dads at

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  • thanks, this is great. I certainly asked myself same thing and sometimes it's fear of success that can stop us.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 18th March 2009

  • Wendy, thank you for this. Truly, thank you. As a fellow entrepreneur, I fight the same internal demons - and knowing that I am not alone and someone as awesome as you with a rockin' business like yours is in the similar boat means a lot!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 26th November 2007