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Teaching Values to Your Kids

Tips for Busy Parents

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Many working parents make tough decisions every day of how they want to spend their time. Between work, kids and other responsibilities, it can be difficult for parents to find the time to teach kids values and be an example of how to live those values. However, there are ways to set an example for children without spending extra time or even necessarily being home with your kids at the time.

Take Advantage of the Time You Have

One simple way to begin teaching values without changing your schedule is to start using the time you already have set aside to teach your kids values. If story time is a regular occurrence at your house, occasionally substitute in a story from your own life that teaches a valuable lesson. Your kids will love to hear stories of what you did as a child and will fall asleep thinking about the lesson you taught them. When spending free time with your kids, occasionally throw in an activity that teaches your children a value that is important to you. If your child helps you clean up a river one Saturday morning, they will know the environment is important to you.

Make Rules and Follow Them

While most families already have rules about fighting or chores, it is also important to teach your kids to be polite and only watch appropriate TV shows. What is important here is that the parents follow the same rules they make for their kids, so the kids will see how important that rule is to the parent. If your child has other adults in their life, such as a spouse, grandparents or a separated parent, be sure to let the other adults know what you are trying to do.

Invest in the Value

While it is impossible and generally a bad idea to purchase a value and impose it on your children, the things you choose to spend your money on send a big message to your kids. If keeping movie content clean is important, investing in a movie editing service will help enforce that value while you are away from home. If you want to instill a love of learning, purchasing books and educational magazines as birthday presents will provide an instant resource for your kids. Overall, evaluate what is important to you for your kids to know and actively seek to reinforce it through the items that you buy.

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