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End Homework Stress Tonight

Try instant online tutoring

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This time of year parents and kids may be most thankful for a break from school and from homework over the holiday break. Homework time, which often stretches long after the dinner dishes are put away, has become a time of dread and anxiety.

It's not just the kids who struggle with homework—parents also suffer through long, stressful night of trying to help their children navigate through a myriad of school assignments. What's worse than homework? Math homework. A recent survey conducted by Russell Research found that more than half of parents experience frustration while trying to help their kids complete math homework.

Many parents find themselves in the same position. Exhausted from long days at the office or caring for children, parents feel overwhelmed with these nightly homework sessions. Three out of five parents surveyed said that getting help with homework, as they need it, would ease their anxiety. There is a solution – online homework help and tutoring services.

Unlike traditional in-person tutors or learning centers, online services offer parents a convenient and often more economical way to get help. Rather than interviewing tutors and then arranging weekly appointments, many online services allow students to connect to a certified, professional tutor whenever they need help.

When comparing online services, make sure to look for the following:
  • Tutor credentials – sites should describe the tutors' qualifications and training

  • Background checks – reputable services use third parties to verify tutors' credentials and conduct security reviews
  • Access to tutors – most sites require parents to schedule appointments in advance; allows students to connect to a tutor the minute they need help with no advance scheduling or appointments

  • Access for parents – make sure you have access to your child's sessions so that you can review their work and understand how they are using the service

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Jennifer is a working mom with two young children and a third on the way. She is also VP of Corporate Communications at based in NY, NY.

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