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Get Rid of Holiday Stress

Detoxify your body, mind and spirit over this holiday season in 3 easy steps

by Jannette Tibbs  |  1528 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

Over the next month or two, most people will be celebrating one kind of ceremonial gathering or another, and at each one the symbolic feast will be had. During the festivities there are usually lots of store bought products being consumed that contain preservatives, colours, flavours and enhancers, all geared to make them last longer and appeal to us because of their ‘bright and shiny’ appearances. And of course you don’t want to be a lump of mud and bring down any event by not eating or drinking anything.

Number One: Simply detoxify your physical body by drinking large amounts of pure, filtered water.

After each ‘outing’ or event, you can literally flush your system using a few valuable and easy ways. Water is by far the easiest, but you may also‘choose to juice’, using celery, ginger, carrot, beetroot, apples and pears.

There are also some great liver remedies like taking a warm glass of water each morning with either a squeeze of lemon and honey, or apple cider vinegar and honey. Use sparingly at first if you think you have a clogged liver and kidney system, as this is quite a potent remedy if taken in strong doses. You can build up your dose gradually from about 5ml of lemon or acv to 20ml over the two months. The benefits are enormous for your physiology and metabolism, but also you will feel like you have more energy, and your breath will be nicer too!

After social engagements, or before, we can tend to suffer from an ‘information overload’ due to meeting lots of people we haven’t seen for a while, or really, just being confronted with that much conversation in the space of a few weeks. It is somewhat out of the ordinary for most of us to attend a large social gathering a few times a week (unless you’re a politician). Giving yourself up to an hour each day to detoxify your mind from an information overload is a wonderful gift.

Number Two: Cleanse the mind.

Take time out at any time that suits you. Maybe you won’t get to do this until before bedtime, but if you can, doing a sunset session is very beneficial. Turn off your phone, the TV, the radio, the stereo (whatever), and find a place that is as quiet as possible. Use your backyard, balcony, bedroom, the local park, or even your car, to just ‘switch off’ all other external stimuli. Sit and breathe and keep your focus on your breath. Slow your breath down. Breathe deeply for a while, and then get a relaxed rhythm going. Allow thoughts to pop in and out again. Say a conscious ‘hello’ to each thought as it presents itself, and then say a conscious ‘goodbye’ to it as well. Repeat a word like ‘Peace’, very slowly, or visualise a peaceful scene in your mind. Imagine a cool, clear pond somewhere beautiful that you can bathe in languidly for your ‘downtime’.

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Jannette operates her own consultancy, and is dedicated to observing and practicing commonsense approaches to good health, in all aspects, and is a passionate advocate of subtle therapies.

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  • Number 2 is the hardest for me... I can't seem to be able to turn off my mind!!! Something i need to work on!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 3rd December 2007