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Determine which colors look great on you

Are you warm or cool?

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No matter if you love lot of color or a little, adding the right colors to your wardrobe can really expand your outfit options. But before we dive into the clothing, we need to begin with the skin. To determine which colors work best for you, start by determining your skin tone color.
  • Test Your Metal: Some of us can wear gold, some of us can wear silver. If gold looks grand on you, then you have warm skin tones. If silver is sweeter, than it’s cool skin tones for you.
  • You’re So Vein: This one is the easiest for me since I have that hauntingly-white Irish skin thing going on. Look at the underside of your arm near your wrist, and if your veins appear to be blue, you  are cool, and if they appear green, you are warm.
  • Cast A Shadow: Make sure you have good lighting for this one. Pull back your hair and hold a pure white towel under your chin. If you face looks yellowish against the white, you are warm. If it looks more bluish, don’t worry, you’re not cold, you’re just cool.

What if your tests were inconclusive? Well then, congratulations! You most likely have a neutral skin tone, which means you look fabulous in any color.

So what does all of this mean? There are certain colors that not only better match your skin tone, but they also can really enhance it. Again, you Neutral ladies, you have the pick of the litter -- go wild with your colors because you can. Our wonderful Warm friends should stick with more earthy tones to match the yellow undertones of their skin, while our Cool sisters should stick to richer colors to play off their blue undertones.

But there are really no colors that are off limits to the Warm or Cool groups.  For example, as we enter into Spring, one of the colors of the season is blue. Warm gals should be looking for more pastel or muted blues (blues that look softer) whereas Cool gals should be wearing more jewel tones (blues that pack a punch). We can all wear blue, it’s just finding the blue that is right for you.

Now you are armed and ready to tackle your closet. “Wait!” you say? You now know that you have cool, blue undertones, but you have a wardrobe full of pastel yellow? Well, don’t grab the recycle bag just yet. You can still wear that yellow you love. The trick is not wearing it next to your skin.
  • Is it a blouse? Try layering over a turtleneck or another blouse in your power colors. I’m loving layered light blouses with subtle ruffle right now, topped with a fitted or long blazer.
  • Is it a pair of pants? Since pants make up such a large color block, try to downplay with a long blazer or cardiwrap. Plus wear tights, hose or socks. My winter favorite:black socks with silver (for us cool tone gals) or gold (for the warm ones) open-toed heels.
  • Is it a skirt? Again, go for the tights or hose. Opaque tights are really big this year, and they are very slimming. Plus a long boyfriend cardigan with a fitted shirt or blouse can minimize the impact of the skirt’s color.
  • Is it a sweater? Pair over one of your colors and under one of your colors. Blazer, sweater, blouse. Cardigan, sweater, collared shirt. Again, try to break up the large color block through layers.

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