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Selecting the perfect career at home

Questions to ask, what to look for

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Throughout the USA, people are seeking work at home.  There are some "jobs" available where the employee can work at home.  It is difficult to find legitimate jobs, however, and there are limited positions available. So, a large percentage of the people who want to work from home are choosing to start their own home businesses. 

Many home-business owners want to supplement their income.  They work an outside j-o-b, but they're simply not earning enough to pay their bills in today's economy. Stay-at-home moms and dads often want to contribute to the family income while they parent their children.   But they must sacrifice some of the "extras," because a single-income family often does not earn enough money -- particularly in the present economy.  A good compromise for these parents is a home business.

Many retirees either want to stay busy after a lifetime of working; and many others cannot get by on Social Security and whatever savings or pension they may have.  Rather than getting a job where, once again, they must punch a time clock and fight traffic, for retirees, a home business is a great option. Those with disabilities may not be able to afford to live on disability income (SSDI) alone; and many do not qualify for it, although they are unable to hold a job.

Finding reputable companies with whom to work can be time consuming and challenging.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of ads on the internet that are scams, compared to the relatively few that are respectable companies with real products.  Just spending an hour or two on the Internet seeking home businesses will result in discovering many that have no products and/or services.  They are in existence ONLY to recruit others into their "business."  They often promise huge incomes, while in reality, only a very few will truly earn any income at all.  And, of course, there are the companies that tell you that your computer will do all the work while you sleep!  Unfortunately, there are people who will believe this and invest money into these businesses, only to learn they were "ripped off."

Most home businesses are network or multi-level marketing.  Many well-known financial "gurus" now recommend network marketing.  Unlike the "pyramids" of the past, with network marketing and a good product or service, nearly anyone who works hard can be successful.  With multi-level marketing companies, at some point, if not at the very beginning, home business owners can earn additional income based on the sales of those who they bring into the business, their "downline."  With some network marketing companies, you will earn from only those who you personally enrolled, while others pay for two, three or unlimited levels in your downline.

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Julie Klein has worked in network marketing for several years. She owns her own home business, and she has recruited many people into her business, always suggesting that prospective business owners follow the procedures detailed in this article before they join. Find out more at

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