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April Is the Cruelest Month

What do you do when your job is falling apart?

by Caitlin McDonald  |  1954 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

It has now been a little more than two years since I walked out of my office that sunny day in the cruelest month. It’s sunny again, and the tulips are blooming; I can see them from my front porch. I am sitting in my pajamas with my laptop, working on a manuscript. In a few hours, I will go pick up my children from school. Later, I will go running. And the memory of that life-altering day, the day I knew that my life was about to change, has faded to the pale white of a scar, marks left by a leech upon the calf, after it has been pried off and discarded for good.

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  • That is a great article. I think it is funny how we think we know the right thing for so long, and really we are blinded by the thing that feels safe.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Michelle Anderson on 14th June 2007

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