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Mom-and-baby workouts

Post-partum phys. ed. ideas

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By Annie Tucker Morgan for Divine Caroline

Even the biggest fitness buffs among us sometimes know how hard it can be to squeeze regular workouts into busy schedules. And once you add a newborn baby to the equation, you’re automatically armed with a whole arsenal of reasons to stay on the couch: connecting with your infant is more valuable than doing squats and lunges; you don’t have time to work out between feedings, diaper changes, and naps; and, most of all, you can’t be expected to exercise when you barely have the energy to walk out your front door. 

As taxing as new parenthood can be, these excuses for postpartum inactivity are becoming increasingly hard to sustain. All over the United States, mom-and-baby workouts are gaining popularity at yoga studios and gyms, in books and DVDs, and even on city sidewalks. Now, mothers with infants as young as six weeks can bond with their babies, get back in shape, and turbo-charge their endorphins all at once. If you have Internet access, you have a world of workouts to choose from. 

Breathe Deep

Mom-and-baby yoga classes are among the most relaxing forms of partner exercise—the same physical and psychological benefits that keep millions of adults grounded soothe infants as well. In some of these classes, mothers lay their babies on blankets at the top of their yoga mats; in others, moms actually incorporate their babies into the poses. Some infants are happy to lie on their back for the entire class, but others may fuss, in which case mothers are free to rock, feed, or change their children without leaving the room. If your baby can’t adjust to a yoga studio, don’t despair—at-home resources for mothers who want to practice yoga with their kids abound. For starters, try the DVD Yoga for Mom and Baby or the book, Baby Om: Yoga for Mothers and Babies

Walk It Off

If you have an infant, you have a stroller, and if you have a stroller, you can exercise with your baby anytime. Recognizing the convenience of this equation, walking-workout programs for mothers of newborns are proliferating rapidly. A typical class lasts forty-five minutes and strengthens and sculpts “mommy muscles” by taking advantage of a stroller’s resistance and stability. Three programs that offer classes nationwide are StrollerFit, Strollercize, and Stroller Strides; class-averse mothers may prefer the DVD Sara Holliday’s Stroller Workout for Moms

Diaper Dolphins

The womb is full of liquid, so it makes sense that babies feel comfortable in an aquatic environment early on; some research even suggests that newborns instinctually know not to breathe underwater and can therefore be submerged safely for a few seconds. Joint mother-and-baby swimming is an excellent, low-impact form of body conditioning and confidence building; some moms get in the water when their infants are only two months old. Always make sure the water in the pool is between 84 and 86º F and start off with very short (ten-minute) sessions; as soon as your baby begins to shiver, bundle her up with a towel. 

Carry That Weight

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