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Does everyone love you, but they don't buy from you?

4 reasons why

by Laura West  |  2421 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

Do you find that your readers, fans, friends, colleagues, audiences love you, and yet they aren't buying from you? How frustrating!

It's a common hurdle you face as a heart-centered business owner growing your business.

The good news is that you are getting their attention. You are getting feedback about your great content. You are connecting! Now, you need to work on confidently educating, inviting in, and being relevant with your offers.

Here are the four most commons reasons why your people aren't buying from you even though they love what you are up to:

1. Do they even know how to work with you? This might seem like a silly question at first, but really I have to ask the obvious: Are you making offers and inviting people to work with you? I often see heart-centered entrepreneurs putting out lots of content, great resources (for other people), and yet they NEVER mention how their fans can work with them. These days it is all about building trust, rapport and relationships first... AND you also need to let them know how they can work with you.

Sometimes it's just a simple education process. If you don't tell them, then they don't know that you have a product that will help them. They may not realize that you can work virtually over the phone and, therefore, you can work with clients all over the world. They may not have read through your entire website to know that you offer one-on-one coaching and consulting in addition to your programs.

Don’t assume your market knows what you offer and how they can work with you. You have to tell them -- each and every time.

2. You are so joy-focused that you avoid the pain. I hear from many heart-centered business owners, especially women, that they don't want to talk about the negatives, and they don't want to market from pain. They just want to focus on the positive and the possibilities. Hey, my whole business is wrapped in the virtue of joy, so I get it! And here's what I have learned. Only talking about joy doesn't work very well. You'll be frustrated with very little success and, quite frankly, it isn't really doing a service for your clients.

What if your doctor only came from a place of positive and possibilities? Imagine going to the doctor because your throat hurts, and you have a slight fever and a headache. You don't know if it's the flu, allergies, strep throat or something else. The doctor doesn't focus on the negative or the pain. So, he just talks about the possibilities of you feeling vibrantly alive and recommends these fantastic vitamins! Wouldn't you be appalled, angry, frustrated and maybe even want to turn him in for malpractice?

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