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5 Tips for Juggling Your Own Business & Family

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Know your strengths (and weaknesses)

A mom doesn't get awards for doing it all, so be realistic about what you can and want to do on a regular basis. On the home front, if you don't enjoy cooking, don't pressure yourself to make dinners from scratch. There is nothing wrong with using store-bought salad dressing or pasta from a box or ordering in. Better yet, take turns doing the weekly meal planning with your spouse/partner. The same principle holds true for business. Don't take an accounting course just to say you keep your own books. Take an accounting course so you can have an intelligent conversation with your bookkeeper. Spend time doing a personal assessment to identify your strengths and weaknesses, because the time you put into this assessment, will be repaid quickly and in most cases, continuously. Ask those closest to you what they identify as your strengths and weaknesses, to help you cross-reference what you yourself have found to be true.


Find the time everyday to carve out a little relaxation time from the family, home and business. Discover what works best for you. Perhaps it's something that can be combined with something you already do on a daily basis, like commuting. For me, exercise is one of the best ways to relax and recharge, giving me physical energy and also creative energy. I can't tell you how many business issues I've solved without any effort while I was swimming "boring" laps in the pool. And don't forget that socializing with friends counts as relaxation too. Have your spouse/partner watch the kids a couple of evenings a month so that you can hang with your friends sans sippy cup and emergency snack!

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