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A Day in The Life of a Glamorous Writer And Mom

Too bad my life isn't like the books I write!

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Alarm goes off while dreaming about latest plot. Husband hits sleep button — five times. Upon threat of death, he turns off alarm, rolls toward me and begs, "caffeine."


Have sent husband and oldest daughter off to work and school. Only two children left until I’m alone to work on current project that’s due yesterday.


Said children can’t find gloves or lunch or homework. Puppy ate them. All of them.


After cleaning up dog puke and driving children to school, I sit down on the deck with my laptop. Breathe in the delicious mountain air. Prepare to feel inspired. Instead see a bear in the woods and run inside.


After a large bag of cookies I feel inspired by sugar rush. Write a few pages while on the couch. Decide maybe what I really need is a plotting session. Lie down on couch with cozy blanket and plot with my eyes closed.


Woken from nap by phone. Middle child has lost lunch money.


Manage a few more pages before starvation sets in. Early lunch. I’ll get lots down this afternoon for sure.


Another page before email break. No email. Hmm. Maybe I should try harder to be friendly instead of snarling at anyone who interrupts. Note to self: No more snarling.


Call from editor. Last book, that I loved? Major revisions needed. By yesterday.


Call from other editor. Last book, that I loved? Major revisions needed. By yesterday.


Back in kitchen for more fortification.


Children home. Hot, tired, hungry, grumpy. Break up three fights before soccer practice.


Dinnertime. Forgot to cook. Back out in the car to Taco Bell.


Maybe I’ll sneak in one more page. Take another look at list of revisions, feel sick, head back into kitchen.


Kids to bed. Too tired to work, sit on couch with a good book. Not one of mine.


Husband wakes me up with a hopeful smile. I’m going to need caffeine.

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Nationally Best Selling Author Jill Shalvis writes about herself and her daily I-Love-Lucy moments working at home while raising three kids on her blog at

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