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Put More Reading in Your Summer

Tips for squeezing more reading in your busy schedule

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Reading as a family is a great way for children to devour more books. Here are some tips to squeeze more reading into your busy schedule:

  • Let the kids create their own “library”: I use a narrow linen closet for my children’s books. This way books are always available for my children, and it keeps the house neater, too! For extra fun give your children some index cards and a stamper, so they can play “librarian”.
  • Keep books handy in the car. Ask your children to read out loud to you while you drive. You can ask questions and discuss the story, too.
  • Let your children see you read. Instead of automatically flipping on the t.v. or sitting in front of the computer, grab a book. When children see their parents read, they are learning that reading is valuable.
  • Make reading special! On a weekend night have the family cuddle up together in the big bed with a pile of books. Let the kids read till they can’t keep their eyes open! A relaxing night with books beats cable any time!



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Tania Hill is a special educator and mother to 2 young girls. Avid about reading, she sells children's books for Usborne Books and More at

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