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5 essentials you need to know to be a Go-To Goddess

Be a Go-To Goddess

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4. Offer Compelling and Clear Packages, Products and Programs for Your Tribe. 
People want choice. They want a DIY Starter Kit, some want a little guidance, many want a lot of information, and some want you to help them put the information into place. You want to be creative with the types of packages you create to address your tribe’s needs and wants at the level they are.

For example, in my business for women entrepreneurs I have beginner entrepreneurs who are just starting or dreaming of their businesses. They need lots of inspiration and ideas on possibilities. My seasoned clients have been in the trenches a bit and need information, knowledge, and wisdom for how to keep going, how to run their businesses better and more how to’s. My mature business owners need inspiration for the next evolution of their business and bigger business knowledge about leverage, scalability and managing business systems and money management.

You can’t offer a one-size-fits-all program. In this economy, people are buying, but they are buying cautiously. They want to know that what you are offering will truly help them.

5. Relationship Building is Queen. 
To be the top of mind Go-To Goddess, you need all these in place -- and then always remember that it’s about the quality of the relationship. Are you reaching out to your clients and your colleagues and letting them know what you are up to? Are you inviting them into your business to collaborate, to be a client, to help them in some way?

You have to give what you most want to receive, and it starts with you valuing the relationship. You can’t hide in the ivory tower and watch your computer ka-ching all alone. You need to reach out and talk, connect, speak, and most of all listen to what your clients, the media, and what your colleagues want and then take the inspired action to deliver.

Being a Go-To Goddess doesn’t just happen. You need to be conscious, take inspired action, and build relationships. And with this powerful energy, you can change the world.

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