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Can affiliate marketing work for you?

The idea of being able to earn a full-time salary while working part-time from home is tempting, but is it realistic? The answer depends on the company you choose.

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"When we lived in London, I did art exhibitions and story tellers and events," Traversy said. "We did arts and crafts workshops and sold original art from our books. We did all the farmers markets and did consumer-based fairs."

Interested in adding to your income by joining an affiliate program? Here are a few questions to ask:

1. Do you have to meet a specific sales quota per month?

2. Do you have to purchase and store inventory in advance?

3. Does the company provide samples, catalogs, and promotional materials, or do you have to purchase them separately?

4. Can you establish your own sales presence anywhere you like (online, in your home, or in your local community)?

5. What kind of training and support does the company provide?

6. How are the profits shared?

7. How (and how often) are payments processed?

Above all, make sure the company you choose offers products that you'd buy yourself. "What fascinates me is the commonalities between the type of people who buy Barefoot," Traversy pointed out. "I think that they are the type of people who live Barefoot's values all over the world, and now with the power of technology and social networks and digital media, we're bringing our books to life."

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Lylah M. Alphonse is a journalist, blogger, and mom and stepmom to five kids. She is a Senior Editor at Yahoo! Shine, writes about juggling full-time career and parenthood at The 36-Hour Day here at Work It, Mom!, and blogs about everything else at Follow her on Twitter: @WriteEditRepeat.

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  • I have been sharing Barefoot with my community for 3 years and love it! I enjoy helping schools and libraries with fundraising, setting up my traveling bookstore at fairs and festivals, helping hostesses earn free books at Barefoot Book Parties, and of course building my family's Barefoot library and buying gifts for friends at a great discount! The ambassador community is a wonderful and supportive group of friends that I now have connections with all over the US and UK! I share the values of the Barefoot founders, Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland, and feel good about sharing these books wherever I go! If you're curious, definitely visit our website to learn more about the opportunity and to find a supportive team leader who can help you begin your Barefoot journey!

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