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A Feng Shui Forecast for 2008

A simple and holistic view of the Flying Stars forecast for the coming year

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Flying Stars is the ancient form of Feng Shui used by the elite of China, and developed in secrecy over a period of some thousands of years. It has been incorporated into the often complex and confounding cultural and traditional Feng Shui we are more used to seeing in the mainstream, but rarely are the bones of this study revealed as simply as Flying Stars can and does. This is because until approximately 1980, it was not even taught to Westerners.

Flying Stars uses the numbers 1 through 9 to track energy influences. It is not numerology, although there will be some correlations you may notice, if you’ve ever studied numerology. Each year, a new energy influence comes into dominance over the period of the new Solar Cycle, which occurs somewhere within the last week of January and the first week of February. Commonly, it is given the date of February 4.

The following forecast is a simple and holistic view (told in my language) of the incoming influence for 2008. I hope it carries with it some guidance and a message that will be useful for you.

2008 sees the Annual Star 1, The Angel of Sheng Chi, coming into dominance. This beautiful energy is a welcome reprieve from the energy of the 2 Star, whcih influenced 2007 and which brought with it a lot of personal responsibility issues, especially towards our health. We may have had a year where some aspect of the connection between our emotional, psychological, and spiritual health impacted upon our physical health. Such was the energy of the 2 Star, it is Mother after all, and if you don’t listen to her asking you to take care of yourself, she will smack your bum -- or, at least, bring up some long-forgotten happening and make you deal with it.

The Angel of Sheng Chi is associated with ideas, wisdom, and expression, but it is also associated with danger! Sometimes the passions and interests that will inspire ideas and the expression of them is indeed quite dangerous. All in all, though, this is a beautiful energy influence and will encourage an optimistic outlook from most that choose channel it into their daily lives.

Star 1 is a Water number and will therefore be useful for emotional dealings. The Trigram (an ancient form of writing using three lines to describe an energy) has been translated as "Deep Waters" and "The Abyss," and so indicates that this kind of energy can be used to explore our inner Self, to find/recapture/reacquaint ourselves with integral parts of our Self that may have been neglected/removed/damaged. Being like water, it will seek to find the easiest way around something, but will also be beguilingly powerful.

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Jannette operates her own consultancy, and is dedicated to observing and practicing commonsense approaches to good health, in all aspects, and is a passionate advocate of subtle therapies.

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