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Start A Blog, and Hold On To the Memories

Some people scrapbook. I'd rather blog!

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One day I received an email from an old friend, directing me to her blog.

Blog? Isn't that something you have to be really technically savvy to set up?

Turns out, no! I went to and went through the steps. In about five minutes, I had started my blog, Welcome To My Life.

I started blogging because I wanted to remember the little things, the brief moments with my boys and in my life that were funny, happy, sad, interesting, questionable, and... well, just the everyday stuff that slips out of your mind forever if you are not careful.

Other moms do this with scrapbooking or crafts, but I stink at that stuff -- I really, really stink at it and, what is worse, I really hate that stuff. My blog was the first time I had ever really done anything creative that I enjoyed.

My blog has served several purposes for me. One: I don't have to repeat the same story 300 times, and the pictures help tell the tale and preserve the memory and the feelings behind it. Two: It keeps the relatives all up-to-date on the latest in our lives. Three: It allows me some time to express myself (I telecommute, so I don't get to use all my words; the blog helps with that). Four: Through my blog, I have made friends with people I would never have met otherwise, and I love that.

After the posts have been up for a while, I print them out and place them in a journal. Please note the journal is pure function over form; it consists of a denim three ring binder with plastic sleeves to hold the print outs, so I can preserve them forever (hopefully). Some day, I will show them to my boys and they can read all about the little things we did each day and the funny things they did and said which I later forgot about.

Since I received so much relief from blogging, I have started a second blog. Since my first blog was to preserve memories and the day-to-day general stuff, I realized there are so many things I could not write there but wanted to. At my other blog, Notes From the Edge of the Bell Curve, I can! It is really a place to fully express myself.

You are welcome to stop by and leave a comment, lurk at either website, or -- better yet -- just start your own! Happy Blogging!

6 comments so far...

  • You covered the exact reason I started blogging! Enjoy!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by RC on 16th July 2008

  • I agree, who knows how long is going to let me keep posting or keep it on file. Plus it is fun to go back and read it in real time rather than on the computer screen.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 2nd January 2008

  • I started the other way around with a blog for my personal musings and am in the process of starting up a family blog. Like you, I stink at lots of crafty things even though I desperately wish I were Martha. Blogging is a great way to document great moments. And funny you mentioned your binder. I always worry, "How long will this stuff be available?" I might have to get my own binder soon!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Carla on 2nd January 2008

  • Sorry the second website is actually

    still pretty new to blogging!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 31st December 2007

  • The second blog I started is at course. It is

    Work in the rest of my life!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 29th December 2007

  • iis your new site at blogger too? the link didnt make it :)

    i totally agree about blogging! i am actually ok at doing crafty things and i do enjoy it - but i HATE dragging everything out and doing it alone! if i dont have a creative outlet i get cranky - and what fun is that? so i attempt to blog as well (it's quite a work in progress haha!)

    you are so right, it is scary when you first think about it and then you take the plunge and WOW! that was actually easy... and FUN! woohoo!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 29th December 2007