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Fun Summer Activities

Activities that will make the summer fun for you, your children and your nanny!

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Fun Summer Activities for Kids and Nannies Alike!

The weather is getting warmer, and pretty soon it will be blazing hot. School’s out and you don’t want your children, or nanny, stuck in the house all day. But what are you going to do with them?!

Inevitably, it will get too hot to push them out into the backyard, and everyone knows an entire day of the Wiggles, Dora The Explorer or Elmo’s World is completely out of the question! Sanity aside, the reality is children need activities as much as adults do. So what is on the itinerary?

At the beginning of the summer, sit down and brainstorm with your nanny about local activities available to keep your little ones busy. Remember, there are plenty of educational activities that will delight both you and your children for the entire summer. Together you and your caregiver can come up with a schedule of activities that will keep your kids, and nanny, quite content.

When children have even one fun excursion a week to look forward to, the summer never gets boring.

Possible Activities:

• Take a trip to you local zoo

• Cool off at the pool

Think about signing your child up for swim lessons.

• Make the weekly story-time at the library part of your regular routine

A lot of story-times will include a craft of some type for your kids to bring home, making it even more fun to go (make sure to look for age appropriate story times). If you have an older child who doesn’t want to participate with the younger one, let him or her take advantage of that time to explore the library for new and exciting books to read.

• Check out your area Children’s Museum

Museums are always good to get rid of those rainy day blues.

• Schedule a little down time for the older kids out of school

Although older kids don’t necessarily need a naptime, a little down time goes a long way. Schedule thirty minutes to an hour of reading time per day. It’s a perfect way for them to knock out their summer reading lists too!

The summer is a time for fun, relaxation and getting ready for the next school year. Help your children to appreciate it and form memories that will last a lifetime. Trust me, you and your nanny will be thankful you did!

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Heather Dubuque is the Founder/CEO of The Lillian Nanny Agency, LLC

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Heather Dubuque is a CEO and President of the Lillian Nanny Agency, a firm she founded in Nashville, Tenn.

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  • I like the idea of scheduling in the weekly story-times. Thanks for these suggestions!

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