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Make birthday parties less stressful

Tips for avoiding problems and making the day more special

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It’s why they call us mom and dad:  We do everything in the world to make them feel completely happy and unbelievably special.  Of course, there’s no time we want to make them feel like more of a prince or princess than at his or her birthday party! 

However, oftentimes, we, as parents, are so stressed out with all the details of making the day perfect and run smoothly that we can’t even concentrate on watching our little ones enjoy the party.  Really, it shouldn’t be like that.  A birthday party should be a time for making memories and spending our time getting photographs from every angle; not running around sweating to get done all of the last minute details. Here are some tips for making the days leading up to the party and the big day less of a hassle and more of a celebration.

1. Make sure that you have an organized list of who’s coming.  Assume that anyone who has not RSVP’d (and there are always those who don’t) is coming and have extra goodie bags prepared for them.  Inevitable, someone will show up claiming that a message was left on your machine.  This way, all you have to do is smile and nod.

2. Have the goodie bags all ready in a box or bag and in the car (if the party is at an outside location) or in a safe place (if the party is at your house) the night beforehand.  It’s just one less thing to do the day of the party.  Of course, you can really save yourself some stress and work by visiting and letting them take care of packing your favors for you!

3. Prepare yourself for your child to have a meltdown at some point during the party and know that’s it’s completely normal.  Birthdays and parties, especially ones in which your child is the center of attention, are stressful and can be overwhelming.  If you tell yourself ahead of time that it’s ok, you’ll probably be less freaked out when the moment of horror occurs.  A tantrum-free party will seem like a pleasant surprise and not an expectation.

4. Make sure your cameras’ batteries are charged and that they are also in the car, your pocketbook, or somewhere they won’t be forgotten.  Someone having to run home during the party only adds to the stress and takes away from the enjoyment of everything.

5. Call your party place a few days ahead of time to make sure all of the decorations, food, and activities are taken care of.  Also, make sure ahead of time that you’re aware of unforeseen charges (sometimes places throw in costs for additional children or extra party helpers).  You don’t want any arguments about costs on the day of the party.

About the Author

Mom of two who knows the stresses of planning birthday parties, but still loves doing it!

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