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Money is no issue, and yet, I still work

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My husband makes a nice living, and therefore I don't have to work. I live in my dream house, have a car that I can drive where I please and order take-out for dinner. (Cook? Who, me?) But yet, even with all the creature comforts a woman could ask for I still work.

I am the luckiest woman I know - I have a choice. But don't think that it still isn't a tough decision. I still struggle with leaving my son with his caretaker, a nanny. I worry that the logistics of my job (travel and unpredictable hours) strain my family.

But I know at the end of the day, I'm happier getting out of the house, going to an office and doing a job that I feel is important - helping companies improve relations with their employees. While working part-time made the decision easier, the choice to stay home and not work didn't feel right to me.

And we all know that a happy mommy helps make for a happy family. At least in my house.

About the Author

I'm a former corporate hack trying the full-time mom thing. But I still like to write about how working moms are portrayed in the media. You can read more of me at my blog:

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  • Good for you. I hate all that bemoaning about how terrible it is that women HAVE to work. I hate the judgment when people (me included) chose to get by on two incomes rather than one. No one ever seems to take a women's need to work seriously. If we have money, it's a hobby, and we are judged. Bleck. There is a new study out that shows that women, whether they are stay at home moms, full time workers, etc ... they all prefer part time work by a vast majority. So much for the mommy wars - we want the same things after all.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jlauren on 28th September 2007

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