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Office gift giving tips and etiquette

What to give or what not to give

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Before you fret about holiday gift giving, it's important to find out what your company's gift giving policy is. Also is there a price limit? If there is a policy, stick to it, price limit, etc. If you are giving gifts to everyone in your department, give something similar. If you are giving gifts to a few friends at work, exchange them in private.

Do you give the boss a gift?

If the company prefers a no-gift policy, then giving the boss a present is unacceptable. If you are not sure what to do don't give the boss a gift as it looks like you are "brown nosing."  If you know that co-workers give the boss a gift, give something like a plant, gift basket or food item (nothing personal).

What To Give?

Think about non-personal work oriented gifts like paper weights, business card cases, picture frames, stamp holders, letter openers, etc. for co-workers. They all come in a variety of prices.

Food items like cheeses, nuts, candies, etc. are great gifts that can be eaten over the holidays or re-gifted. A book or CD if you know a persons interest are appropriate gift solutions. Plants or flowers always add warmth and a festive feeling to an office or home during the holidays.

Another idea would be a small charitable donation in each person's name. It is double gift giving.

What Not to Give

  • Gag gifts
  • Expensive gifts
  • Alcohol
  • Anything of a sexual nature, for example lingerie is a no-no.
  • Anything of religious or racial nature

Should you open a gift given to you by a co-worker at the office? It is better to wait until you go home unless they insist.

If you don't receive a thank you note for a sent gift is it all right to ask if it was received?

Yes, the next time you speak to the person, ask if they received your gift. If it did not arrive, you can trace the package.

Thoughtful people send thank you notes to show appreciation and let the gift giver know that present has arrived.


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