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Money for Nothing?

A Speak Your Mind essay

by crazedparent/jobmom  |  4464 views  |  1 comment  |       Rate this now! 

If money was no issue, would you work and what would you do?

My husband and I have asked each other this question often. "What would you do different if money weren't an issue."

I love writing. It's so hallmark to say this but it's my passion, and I feel very fortunate to be where I'm at right now in my career. I wouldn't give up all of my work -- just a few pieces of it to lessen the frenetic pace of our lives right now.

If money weren't an issue, I'd reduce my paid-for project load and take on more creative getting my book published. I'd also dig into some other new business ideas that I've been tossing around with two friends.

If money weren't an issue, I'd let go of some guilt. Specifically, the guilt for taking on too much or too little and tying that to a dollar value. Because it wouldn't matter anymore.

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I'm a writer/editor for the parent social network, Maya's Mom, and the editor of and In short, I write. All the time. And

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