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A Look at Blog Advertising: Adbrite, Feedburner, and BlogHer

Second in a three-part series

by Jessica  |  8068 views  |  4 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Last week, we talked about Google Adsense for Content. Ready for more?

I ran ads from Adbrite for quite a while on my blog, Kerflop. I experimented with them a little bit on my business websites, including Very Baby,  but found they slowed down the load times too much. I liked Adbrite, I was able to approve or disapprove advertisers, set my own rates, and choose whether or not to display text link ads only or allow banner ads.

Adbrite also offers an intersitial ad option which is as annoying as all get out and breaks possibly every single accessibility standard out there. It's an ad that takes up your whole screen with a link at the top, telling your visitors to click through to continue to your website. I did run these ads for maybe a week, just to see. And the vote was unanimous, my readers HATED them. But I mention them here because holy crap, do they pay well. I made $120 to $150 per month with Adbrite on, where my traffic fluctuates wildly from 1,200 to 2,500 unique hits per day.

The nice thing about these ads is that people don't necessarily have to click them in order for you to get paid. However, the advertisers pay you based on how much traffic you get in a day or week. But, because Google rules the world, companies like Adbrite have to comply with Google's terms in order to keep you from getting kicked off Google or losing your Adsense account (if you're running it simultaneously). So, just be careful. If you get an angry letter from Google and your Adsense account and search engine rankings are important to you, do what they say.

Some really annoying people (such as myself) stick ads in their feeds to try to squeeze some pennies from those of you who insist on reading their lovingly crafted posts through a feed reader instead of clicking through and giving them some pageview/hit lovin'. I've only ever used Feedburner to display ads in my feed. 

These ads, at least for me, pay pretty pithily. As a reference point, according to Feedburner, I fluctuate between around 880 and 904 Kerflop subscribers per day. And I make approximately $20 per month from my feed reader ads. I would take them down out of sheer embarrassment for the poor performance, but they are nice because I don't ever think about them being there. Ads on my website are kind of in my face. I have to design around them, fuss over stats… but my feed reader ads, I can stick 'em in there and forget about it.

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Jessica is an entrepreneur raising three noisy children in the middle of potato country. A self-taught freelancing web designer, Jessica also owns and runs a business with her husband, Very Baby. She likes dark chocolate, dislikes most forms of housework, and writes about her daily life at

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4 comments so far...

  • Once again, thank you for the advice. I have low but steady readership, so my BlogHer Ads pay me very little. I like that they pay per "eyeball", though.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Daisy on 26th January 2008

  • Victoria - I'm really happy with BlogHer, they're always quick to respond to any questions I have and I'm thrilled with the pay.

    There is a decent variety of advertisers, and we get paid for the BlogHer ads they run as well.

    I do believe they closed recently to new advertisers, but will reopen shortly. They just ask that you run a personal weblog, they aren't interested in advertising on blogs that accept pay-per-post type advertising, as their advertisers are interested in reaching real women with a "voice".

    But large or small, you can join when they're accepting new bloggers.

    Mamajama - Well, I tend to calculate crappy pay by setting myself an hourly wage. If I won't work at a fast food restaurant or some big box retailer for minimum wage, why should I blog for that little?

    Thanks! I'm glad you found it useful.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jessica on 19th January 2008

  • Great article. How would you rate your experience with Blogher? How's their inventory? What requirements do they have for those who want to sign up with them?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 14th January 2008

  • This is really interesting to me. How do you know what crappy pay is? I've wondered how ads on blogs work for a long time, and this is the most comprehensive explanation that I've ever gotten.

    Thanks Jessica! if only I could keep my blog updated...hmmm

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 14th January 2008