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Returning to Work: What New Moms Need to Know about Hiring a Nanny

How to pick the best candidate for the job

by Steven Lampert  |  5544 views  |  2 comments  |       Rate this now! 

After the hiring process is complete and a nanny has been selected, consider having her start before you go back to work. Doing so can really help you feel at ease, and can also help ease the transition for the baby.

Once you're back at work, you may want to stop by at home unannounced a few times in the first few weeks to see what is really going on. She will almost certainly be greeted by a happy nanny and baby, but she can also catch any problems before they get worse. For a more concerned mother, a nanny camera can be installed in the home (without telling the nanny) to record any misbehavior.

Above all, it is important for the new mom to try to relax. This can be difficult, but the truth is that a relaxed mom will make both the children and the nanny feel relaxed, which can ensure a pleasant relationship between everyone. A great nanny can become a loving member of your extended family.

About the Author

Steven Lampert is the president of eNanny Source, an online nanny service that brings together families and nannies.

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  • Dont you just hate when you need to go out.. but have no one to watch your kids?? then you find somebody but they are too expensive? Well, I can HELP!

    I am 14 Years old. I am a Female, who needs a job. my dream was always becoming a babysitter. at this time, i am a LIT( leader in training), at the YMCA. i love working with kids..and have plenty of way to keep them company.

    for more information please call me at: 813-453-4434 and ask for Brigette!

    If we do not awnser, please leave a voice mail.

    thank you,


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  • I am a nanny myself andI think that having a "nanny cam" iswrong. It is a violation of my privacy and if you don't trust me to care appropriatley for your children then you shouldn't have hired me in the first place. I find that suggestion to be very offensive! I have worked with children for almost 10 years and basically I feel you get what you pay for when it comes to hiring a nanny just like anyhting else!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by cas on 22nd May 2008