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Fifteen tips for a healthier and happier you

Maid Brigade consumer health advocate provides time saving and health advice

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We all want to make this next year better for our families, ourselves, and the world around us. Breaking it down into a few key areas improves the chances of actually achieving these health and well-being goals that each of us so diligently sets out to accomplish.

Below are some time saving and health tips from Marie Stegner, consumer health advocate for Maid Brigade, to help meet those 2011 goals.


1. Handle things once.  Save up to 10 hours a month by taking instant action (read, delete, file) when it comes to email, voicemail, or paperwork.

2. Use a wireless headset. Water plants or pick up toys and the house when talking on the phone.

3. Double up. When cooking things like sauce, chili, soup, or cookies make a double batch and freeze the extras.

4. Take advantage of waiting time.  When at the doctor or parked in the carpool line, take something to do (work papers to read, stamped note cards to catch up on correspondence, etc.).

5. Carpool.  Arrange a carpool for children’s after-school activities and cut driving time in half.

6. Limit technology distractions. Turn off technology, such as email, during the time of day that is the most productive.

7. Reduce Internet surfing and television watching. The average U.S. citizen watches 2.6 hours of television a day*. Reducing TV watching time by five hours a week adds up to 11 extra days a year!  If possible, reduce Internet surfing time too.  (*According to the latest American Time Use Survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics) 


8. Eat outside the box. Read labels and avoid processed or packaged foods, refined sugars, white flour, chemical additives, excess salt, and trans fats. Eat five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day, and purchase pre-cut and washed for a quick and easy snack. Avoid pesticides by buying organic.

9. Make breakfast count. Kick start the day with protein and high fiber items such as whole grains or berries.

10. Plan to eat healthy. Brown bag weekday lunches. Stock up on easy and healthy snacks including nuts, pre-cut fruits, and vegetables. Keep a supply of staples on hand such as whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, canned organic sauces, whole-wheat pitas, albacore tuna, and canned beans.

11. Slow down and scale down. Chew slowly and completely. Wait at least 15 minutes to digest first portions before going for seconds. Order an appetizer with a side salad instead of an entrée when eating out.

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