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How to eat healthy on a business trip

Stay trip and healthy with these tips!

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As a mom and business traveler, you live a unique lifestyle that makes keeping fit and eating well even more challenging. To not be proactive and take action leads to inevitable weight gain. You have two choices—do nothing and suffer the consequences of disease that comes from being overweight and eating poorly, or take any and all measures to incorporate healthy habits into your daily life and feel great wherever you are.

Top 10 Do's and Don'ts for eats on the road:

1. Do plan ahead and have an action plan.

Don’t expect to make good choices on the run. A football player makes the right move by creating a plan and you don’t have a good business meeting unless you prepare for it. Why leave what you feed your body with happen randomly. PLAN your meals or at least give it a thought beforehand, not when hunger strikes!

2. Do pack protein bars and healthy snacks.

Don’t allow yourself to get to a point of hunger where you no longer care what you eat.

3. Do drink more water, 8-10 glasses a day.

Don’t think soda or even juices are the same as water. They are not.

4. Do reduce your salt intake.

Don’t forget there is hidden sodium in every processed food.

5. Do read food labels.

Don’t think all items listed as“baked,” “low fat,” or “diet” are actually healthy options. What’s in them?

6. Do use the Internet to investigate menus, hotel facilities, and gyms.

Don’t expect the front desk or the waitress will know the answer to your question. Know what to ask for and have a food GPS to help you make the right choices.

7. Do make special requests at restaurants.

Don’t be bashful. This is for you, the restaurant is supposed to cook the food the way you like it and the server won’t be there to help you lose the pounds after you put them on.

8. Do reduce your portion sizes.

Don’t take the extra food home and eat it an hour later!

9. Do watch your sugar intake.

Don’t forget sugar comes in many disguises, and is empty calories.

10. Do take steps to make your night’s sleep as restful as possible.

Don’t allow sleep deprivation to set in, increasing your stress levels and compromising your health.


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Working mom, executive and wife; Veronica Tomor has been a road warrior travelling for business for half a decade averaging more than 150,000 miles per year.

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