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How to stick to your goals when life gets hectic

5 tips to help you juggle work and family

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Like I mentioned earlier, my sister lives with me and she mounted the door as soon as I pulled out of the driveway. God bless her, she loves my daughter so much, I am beginning to believe she birthed her. It is important to have someone else aware of the situation at hand or aware of the hectic-ness going on in your life. This person checks in with you, and helps you cover your base.
Don't let a bad day mess you up

Things come up that disrupt our day, and often times we don't get done with our to-do lists and/or other priorities. Don't let that bring you down. I am famous for lowering my expectations when things don't go well, its better than completely backing out or giving up. So, I got back to work, cancelled some meetings and instead focused on getting some quality work done.

Break free of guilt/victim syndrome

As soon as I got home, my phone beeped to remind me of my gym later at 6pm. I am ashamed to inform you that I did not go. I was overwhelmed by guilt because I had locked the door on my daughter, something could have happened to her. I saw myself as the victim because I had to work longer, cancel meetings and do all this extra work, therefore I didn't need to be attending gym sessions. I did the wrong thing. I could have stuck to my goals instead, even if its for a short period of time, and I could have accomplished some sort of exercise activity and be back on time to make dinner, take a hot and long bath in the jacuzzi tub (a mother and daughter ritual every night).  We also had a date with the library to return some books and DVD and read to my daughter, none of that happened either. Long story short, I have decided to stop playing victim and make my goals priority.

Life does get hectic. There are emergencies happening around us every day. It is important that we still accomplish our goals for our family, job and personal activities. I hope that you will stick to your goals when things start to go crazy as they sometimes do. Have a lovely week.

When you are having a hectic day, do you stick to your goals?

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