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Room parenting... and the stay-at-home parent?

Why I'm not convinced stay-at-home parents make the best room parents

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You Might Feel Guilty About Asking For Help

One of my co-room parents is a full-time working mom with a big law firm downtown. I worked at a very similar type of law firm doing very similar work before leaving to stay home with my son. So I know much too well just how crazy-busy-no-time-to-eat-lunch-or-check-gmail she is on a daily basis. So, even though I'm crazy-busy-no-time-to-eat-lunch-or-check-gmail myself some days, I know that if I don't handle something, then it will fall to her to do it and she's already so, well, busy. So I let that guilt push me to say yes to things I'd really rather say no to. The truth is that my co-room parent is absolutely delightful. And though it does take her about a week to respond to the teacher's emails, on the rare occasion she beats me to the punch and responds first, she is always happy to help out. But on a normal day, when I get the teacher's response before my co-room parent, I feel guilty about waiting to see if she'll respond so I jump in and say yes.

I have loved these past six months being a room parent for my son's class. And I'll likely even sign up again next year. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment. Or maybe I love making paper doll chains and buying orange juice at the last minute. Or maybe I just love getting to help coordinate all the cool things my son's teacher plans for the class.


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