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7 Ways to Increase Your Personal PR at Work

Gain good exposure, and get yourself noticed

by Jill Frank  |  2810 views  |  3 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Self-promotion isn’t something you should shy away from, especially if your goal is to get ahead at work. Putting yourself in front of executives who can have a positive impact on your career is vital to corporate advancement.

But make sure you do it properly. Consider the image you want to project. Do you want to be seen as visionary? Decisive? A leader? Once you’ve determined the image that will compliment your career goals, plan to involve yourself in a few activities to will bring you the right exposure and get you noticed at work.

1.) Assume a leadership position on a team project. Volunteering to take the lead on a project is a great way for someone who aspires to be in management to showcase their leadership abilities, as well as demonstrate initiative.

2.) Contribute to your company newsletter or website. Do you possess a gift for writing or knowledge that would benefit customers or other employees? If so, offer to share it with your company. Since company publications are frequently read by top executives, you’ll be increasing your personal PR while establishing yourself as an expert in your chosen area.

3.) Join an organization-wide committee. Interacting with the same people everyday won’t increase your exposure, however, working on a committee with new people gives you an opportunity to make new contacts and show off your talents.

4.) Represent your company by applying to be on the board of directors for a non-profit. Non-profit organizations are always looking for talented people to contribute to their organizations. Check with your community relations department for opportunities to get involved.

5.) Enlist the support of a well-respected executive who will promote your capabilities to their peers. Just as political incumbents select an important person to champion their campaign for election, so too should you have someone singing your praises.

6.) Make a list of your accomplishments throughout the year and bring it with you to your annual performance review and interviews. Quietly promoting your abilities can be more effective than shouting them from the rooftop. Since no one is as aware of your accomplishments as you are, take notes and share this information when it’s appropriate. Annual performance appraisals and interviews are a perfect time to quietly show the right people your capabilities.

7.) Always perform at your highest level so you will be a candidate for company performance awards. Nothing will get you better exposure than exceptional performance. Employees are nominated for performance awards because they consistently exceed the goals set for them. Since these awards are often approved by top-level management, it gives you the opportunity to put your name in front of key decision makers.

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3 comments so far...

  • At her performance review, a friend/colleague that worked for me handed me a file she called her "Yey, Me!" file that was full of emails and notes from others praising her work. Knowing how talented and valuable she was, I didn't really need her "Yey, Me!" file to give her a positive review, but I thought it was a great idea and never forgot that. We should all keep a "Yey, Me!" file, whether we work or not.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Amy@UWM on 27th January 2008

  • so true! and number 7 is the most difficult one if you dont like what you are doing... very important to either love what you are doing now, or make sure what you are doing now will lead to what you will love doing! otherwise it is very difficult to continually provide 'exceptional performance'!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 25th January 2008

  • These are great tips! And it's easy to do if you are passionate about some field - so picking a non-profit that deals with an important cause to you makes it that much more rewarding!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 25th January 2008