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What Would I Do If Money Were Not An Issue

A Speak Your Mind essay

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I don't really remember a time in my life other than childhood years, when I wasn't working at something, or working on something.

If I were independently wealthy, yes I would still work. I think of my whole life as a job. I do not simply think of work as a public job which I prepare myself for each morning and drive to everyday.

've given this thing some thought. I would like to be independently wealthy, (well, who really wouldn't?) because having money would free me to do more of the "work" that reflects who I am. I would continue to do everything to the best of my ability in order to continue evolving into the woman I choose to be.

A job is a job is a job. But it is the way in which one manages themselves in that job that determines the quality of the work a person does.

I am presently unemployed from a public job due to some health issues that were interfering with the work I was doing at my job. But, I have not stopped working. I do the work for everything I have in my life, and this is much more than doing a job.

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I am a wife and mom; which makes me a homemaker; though my daughter is no longer living in our home. Being a homemaker involves more work and longer h

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