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13 helpful tips for when you are lost in motherhood

Little steps for moms to keep their own Identity

by Susan Lagarde, CLC  |  5996 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

While motherhood is undeniably amazing, every mom can utilize the following steps to enhance or regain a life of self-fulfillment and balance.

Moms, life is give and take, have you remembered to take anything for yourself lately? The key to being a great mom is your ability to not only give quality care and attention to your family, but to yourself as well.  While trying to be the best mom ever is very commendable, you mustn't  lose yourself in the process.
  • To become in touch with your emotions or desires... journal, whether it is a sentence or pages, write it down!
  • To feel more organized... make your bed first thing in the morning, this gives a powerful beginning to your day.
  • To get a handle on your time... make a list each night for the following day. Begin listing  everything and then gradually pare down. Write it down so that it happens.  Be realistic, you do not have to be superwoman no matter what anyone says.
  • To feel accomplished... check things off of your list when completed.  This is very empowering.  If you don't complete something, no sweat, make it the first item on your next day's list.
  • To feel beautiful... take a moment and put some effort into your hair and makeup even if minimal.  Everyone loves to look and feel good.  It is such a self-esteem booster.
  • To feel alive... show up and smile. Showing up is half the battle!
  • To feel love... give love. I mean honest, genuine, "I'm glad you are in my life" love.
  • To feel balanced... take time for yourself.  Five minutes behind a locked bathroom door does count, although that my friend needs improvement!
  • To keep romance alive...  slip a note in your significant other's wallet or bag.  If you promise something you MUST deliver, so perhaps start with an I love you or you're the best.
  • To re-kindle or feed  a friendship... send a short text or email simply stating you are thinking of them.  Make a tea/coffee date.  Chances are your friend is feeling a bit lonely too.
  • If something is not working... find it within yourself to change it.  You have amazing inner strength.
  • If something is working... embrace it, and then tell everyone.
  • To feel like the world's best mom... look at your child's beautiful smile.

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Susan Lagarde is a Certified Life Coach and Mentor specializing in moms. Visit www. to learn how Susan can help you achieve self fulfillment and balance for you and your loved ones

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