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Don't Let Your Self Esteem Become a Casualty of Divorce

7 steps to rebuilding your positivity

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6.) Ask for support. If you find that you just can’t make these changes on your own, but are committed to change, then ask others for support. Find a coach, minister, or support group to help you learn to appreciate yourself for all your greatness and leave that negativity behind.

7.) Take Action. Start to get moving, whether you start walking, running, going to the gym or work out at home – just do something. Physical activity is a great way to make you feel better, both physically and emotionally. Make the commitment to get moving today and before you know it you will see your self-esteem skyrocket and you may even be able to fit into your skinny jeans again, who knows. Wouldn’t hurt to find out, now would it?

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Lisa Fredette is a CTA Certified Life Coach, RCI Licensed Relationship Coach and owner of Passionate About Life Coaching;

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