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What You Need to Know about Internet Home Businesses

What to look for, and what to avoid

by Wendy Piersall :: eMom  |  9419 views  |  3 comments  |       Rate this now! 

Look over the following ideas and single out the ones in which you have at least some experience. You probably won’t have all of the skills necessary, so don’t let that stop you! All you have to do is work hard and be willing to learn.

1.) Affiliate Marketing

Promote other company’s products and services on your website. When a sale is made, you get a commission.

Most important skills needed: Pay Per Click marketing (PPC), sales copywriting, web marketing

Best learning resources: ReveNews, ABestWeb Forum, ShoeMoney, Rosalind Gardner, Affiliate Classroom

2.) Arts & Crafts

Creating and manufacturing your own productsand selling them online.

Most important skills needed: Creativity, sales, e-commerce

Best learning resources: eMoms’ CraftBoom, Craft Business 101 Series, Barbara Brabec

3.) Blogging

A chronologically based website filled with articles, reviews, or journal-style writing. You can sell advertising or incorporate affiliate marketing on a blog to earn money.

Most important skills needed: Copywriting, social networking, affiliate marketing, web marketing

Best learning resources: ProBlogger, JohnChow, DoshDosh, eMoms at Home

4.) Consulting

Providing your specialized industry knowledge to corporations, entrepreneurs, investors or other businesses.

Most important skills needed: Trade-specific knowledge, sales, customer service

Best learning resources:’s Consulting Business Startup Guide

5.) eBay & Auction Selling

Selling or reselling products via an online marketplace like Ebay, Amazon Auctions, or Craigslist. You can sell used goods, buy goods wholesale, or use a drop-shipping service.

Most important skills needed: Merchandising, sales copywriting, customer service

Best learning resources: The eMomsathome eBay Selling for eParents, eBay Learning Center, SaleHoo Training Center, JennyHow

6.) E-Commerce

Selling products or a technology-based service on your own website.

Most important skills needed: All of the above, below, and then some!

Best learning resources:’s Online Business Startup Guide

7.) Internet Research Business

Doing internet research for corporations, law firms and other small businesses.

Most important skills needed: Librarian-style research skills, customer service

Best learning resources:’s Information Consultant Startup Guide

8.) Freelance Services

Providing professional services such as copywriting, design, photography, illustration, and programming; usually billed on an hourly rate.

Most important skills needed: Sales, customer service, trade-specific knowledge

Best learning resources: The eMomsathome Freelance Parent channel, FreelanceSwitch,

9.) Recruiting

Recruiting candidates for companies who pay a fee when a hire is made.

Most important skills needed: Sales, relationship building, networking

Best learning resources: RecruitersNetwork, HireAbility

10.) Virtual Assistant (VA)

Providing administrative and business support to other business owners and small businesses.

Most important skills needed: Customer service, organization

Best learning resources: VirtualAssistantStartups,’s Business Support Startup Guide, VirtualPABusiness

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