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Why M-o-m-m-y Spells Manager

4 ways your mommy skills make you a master manager

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Battling nap time and a board meeting are two different monsters.  In neither case can you swap out spit bibs for talking points or a PowerPoint presentation for Sesame Street.  Still, there are ways to put your well-honed mommy skills to work at work.  How you ask?  It’s as easy as A, B, C.   


Mommy knows what I want

As a mom you’ve mastered deciphering of a real cry from an attention getting cry.  Even before your kid(s) could speak, you picked up the ability to decode their facial expressions and body language. In figuring these signs out, you were also able to give them what they wanted.  The same applies to the business world, being able to read the signs are crucial when dealing with an uncommunicative staff or a difficult higher up. 

 The power here lies in negotiating.  If you know what other people want, you can figure out how give them those things in exchange for what you want.  Finish your veggies and you can have dessert.  You get the picture. 


Mommy can do anything

Laundry, dinner, soccer practice, dance class, diaper changers…the multitasking and time management genes must be slipped into some mother’s epidurals.  In addition to working hard, as a mother you work well – knowing what is feels like to pour everything into a project outside of yourself. 

 The power here lies in employee morale.  How could employees mind working when their manager is willing to roll up their sleeves and work right alongside with them?  As a mom you are open to research and examining multiple approaches to reach the most successful result, instilling a communicative and creative team environment.  You keep your group motivated with your strong work ethic and even stronger fiber of dependability. 


Mommy shows me how

For anyone who has had their four year old repeat a bad word that was blurted out in traffic, you know how important it is to model good behavior.  As a mom you stress etiquette and polite behavior, and as a result at work you know how to treat the members of your team; saying please and thank you for tasks both big and small.

 The power here lies in respect.  You know what it means to lead by example while fostering a mutual respect.  You also know what it means to put someone in their place.  Owning the all-authoritative speech of “because I said so” keeps you out of trivial office debates and makes it easier to tell someone who’s slacking to clean up their act.  …and tuck in your shirt, for goodness sake...

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