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Why M-o-m-m-y Spells Manager

4 ways your mommy skills make you a master manager

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Mommy keeps her cool

Potty training was not an easy ride, neither was bottle weaning.  Sleeping alone in big kid beds proved for sleepless nights and learning to tie shoelaces was no breeze in the park.  Still, here you are, watching you kid(s) continue to develop and grow faster than you can believe.  Your best moments as a parent have been when you’ve taken a breath and allowed nature to run its course.  At no point did you throw up your hands and decide to give up because this was all just too hard. 

 The power here lies in attitude.  Your mommy hurdles have turned you into a calm, cool and collected team leader; someone who encourages staff when they insist that it can’t be done, and most important, who is patient with the process.    


How has being a mom helped your leadership performance?


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Kelly Gregorio writes about workplace trends and leadership tips while working at Merchant Resources International, a business loans provider for over 10,000 small businesses.

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