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New Year’s Resolutions: Getting Back on Track

It's not too late to achieve your goals!

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Not too long ago, I spoke to people eager to start working towards their New Year’s resolutions. This was the year they were going to lose weight! But now, their convictions have started to fade. Well, January is almost over, but there is still plenty of time to achieve your New Year’s resolution.  Here are some steps to get back on track:

1.) Remember why you set your resolution in the first place.  Was your goal to lose weight so you would have more energy to do activities with your family?  Or maybe you want to lose weight to boost your self esteem, participate in an outdoor adventure vacation, or improve your health by lowering your cholesterol or blood pressure?

2.) Write your resolution down and put it in a place where you will see it daily, such as on your refrigerator door. This way, every day you will be reminded to take the necessary steps to achieve your goal, whether it is heading to the gym, not reaching for the sweets at work, or packing a lunch instead of eating out.

3.) Tell others about your resolution and how you plan to achieve your goal.  Friends and family can help you by giving the extra support you need to stick with it.

4.) Seek professional help.  Did you join a gym but are overwhelmed by the equipment or think you look foolish because you are unsure what you are doing?  Meet with a personal trainer to learn how the equipment works and find a routine that will meet your goals.  Are you trying to eat more healthily by reading food labels, but do not know what you should be looking for?  Seek out the help of a nutrition specialist or dietitian to show you how to make healthier choices.  

5.) Track you progress to stay motivated.  Mark on the calendar the days you work out as a visual of progress you are making towards your goal.  Check your weight monthly to chart results or, if you are working on lowering your blood pressure/cholesterol, visit your physician to monitor progress.

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