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Make Your Home Greener and More Efficient

Find alternatives to the chemicals you use to wash your clothes

by Jannette Tibbs  |  3252 views  |  2 comments  |       Rate this now! 

Reducing the toxic chemicals in your wash has an added benefit to your overall health as well. If we reduce toxic chemicals that come into close contact with our bodies, we also reduce the amount of energy we use to naturally detoxifying our bodies. This in turn creates less stress on our immune system (lymph and blood) and the organs most responsible for removing harmful compounds from our bodies (lungs, liver, kidneys, bowel, skin), so we should be able to realise a gentle and subtle lift in our own personal energy levels, and hopefully an improvement in the function of those organs and our overall health. Not bad, eh?

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Jannette operates her own consultancy, and is dedicated to observing and practicing commonsense approaches to good health, in all aspects, and is a passionate advocate of subtle therapies.

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2 comments so far...

  • Yes, its a problem no matter what age, and I find it possibly the one thing that can be changed in the family's household 'routine' that doesn't impact upon a behaviour. It is just a change of product. Like changing which milk you buy! :) easy.
    Thanks for putting in the details about the SoapNuts, much appreciated.

    The most convincing thing that has kept me motivated towards using greener and organic products is my children's health. They have no skin 'issues', no respriatory problems, and no 'allergies' to foods except for sensitivity to processed sugars and colours etc. That's saying something nowadays! :)

    Glad you liked the article

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jannette Tibbs on 31st January 2008

  • This is great. Thanks, Jannette! I only recently discovered eco-friendly washing products (when I switched baby to cloth diapies). I have been using Charlie's, which is pretty much just a very high grade washing soda. I don't think most people realize how many chemicals are in conventional detergents. It's a real cocktail. Makes sense that so many kids are having chronic problems with skin issues, huh?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 29th January 2008