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Got an allergy? Get FREE epi pens through the end of the year!

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Food and insect allergies--even mild ones--can be the stuff of nightmares, and it doesn't help that treating them can be expensive, even with health insurance. Recently my four-year-old had an immediate and obvious reaction to raw egg whites in a dessert I made him (which he LOVED and now can NEVER HAVE AGAIN; sorry, buddy), so now I'm an official albeit reluctant member of the Allergy Club for Moms. You'll know us by our obsessive reading of food labels and the two-pack of EpiPens in our purses.   

If you're an Allergy Mom too, please accept my condolences as well as this bit of good news: Mylan Specialty is running a promotion through the end of the year that will allow you to get a two-pack EpiPen or EpiPen Jr (for kids under 66 lbs) for FREE. Yes, free.

This post on Marketing Mama has all the details about the promotion, and Missy has already gone through the process of getting her free EpiPens, so she has the scoop on how it all works. Basically, you call a toll-free number, you get a card in the mail that says you have a $0 co-pay for the EpiPens, and you hand that card over to the pharmacy when you pick up your doctor-prescribed two-pack. 

People have told me that the prescription usually runs between about $70 and $100, even with insurance, so saving that money is no small deal, especially for something you HAVE to have. 

Does your kid have an allergy? How did you find out?  

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