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How To Organize A Healthy Family Kitchen

Your Kitchen Never Looked So Healthy

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Are you tired of hearing “mommy, can you get me a drink, mommy I’m hungry, can I have a snack”?  Well I’m here to tell you, you’ll still hear that but probably less!  Kids love to feel independent and helpful.  Get organized! Get rid of those unhealthy snacks and replace them with some healthy ones.

When my son (we’ll call him “Little Dude”) was a baby, I never childproofed my kitchen!  I know sounds insane.  My friends all thought I was crazy.  I never ever put a lock on a cabinet door, draw, or pantry.  Crazy I know.  He was always supervised in the kitchen and would never go in them.  I also gave Little Dude his own cabinet and his own drawer. I put all his plastic cups, plates, and bowls in his cabinet and his cutlery in his drawer.  I put books and other small toys in there too. 

Little dude just loves having his own cabinet and his own space.  Honestly, by giving Little Dude his own cabinet he would just go there. He would never go to any of the other ones because he had is own with his own stuff in there.  He would play with all of his dishes, cups and stack them, bang on them and then he would get so excited when he found a toy. It also kept him busy so I could prepare whatever meal we were going to eat or to put away groceries.


I’ve kept the theme of Little Dude having his own cabinet though out our kitchen and have organized it that way.  I wanted Little Dude to always be able to assist in meal planning or set his place at the table.  It makes it easier for me and also it makes him feel independent and awesome.  He can get his own healthy drinks or snacks and he is so proud of himself when he does it. 


In our refrigerator, Little Dude has the bottom shelve.  I keep healthy snacks  (fresh fruit and veggies, I also keep snack pack size apple sauce, peaches, pears, & pineapple, yogurt, and hummus.)  I like to keep them low so he sees them and will always grab a healthy snack first. 


I also have 2 Snack Baskets- 1 is in easy reach~ health snacks- so he can grab- raisins, trail mix, dried fruit, banana chips, granola bars.  The other Snack Basket has all the crackers, chips, and sweet snacks.  I keep this basket up higher so Little Dude has to ask for it and then I can encourage a healthier option. 

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