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How to Build a Better To-Do List

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Column C can also serve as a kind of “balance barometer,” if you will. If I go for a full week or two and notice that not a single Column C item has been completed, it’s a sign that I need to slow it down a bit, that the pace of my life might be starting to get out of hand. Column C becomes a visual reminder that while of course I need to be taking care of the mandatory items, the little things – the things that are mostly for my peace of mind or personal interest – deserve some attention as well.

I’ve found that taking a mile-long to-do list and prioritizing it into Column A, B, and C provides an instant sense of calm. It reminds me that even though my plate is full – or, more likely, overflowing – I don’t have to get it all done today, or even this week. Instead, I can just focus on one column at a time, and enjoy that awesome feeling of accomplishment as I start crossing the items off.

Are you a list-maker too? How do you manage your overflowing to-do list?


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