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Hot Cider, Donuts, And Tractors Oh My!

Our Family Apple Picking Adventure

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This Fall has been an exciting time for our family.  It has been the first time we experienced the Season’s change! Before a few weeks ago. we had never been to an orchard or gone apple picking.  So naturally I thought it would be a perfect family adventure for us!  It was a beautiful drive through the mountains to the orchard with the leaves changing colors, crisp air and our family all together.

We arrived at the orchard in the morning and the sights and smells were amazing!  From the moment we stepped out of the car we smelled the sweet aromo of apples and cinnamon. Hot Apple Cider & Cider Donuts were cooking away. They certainly don't make them like that in Florida!  

The orchard was landscaped and beautifully decorated with fall flowers.  We loaded onto a tractor for a ride into the orchard to where we would be picking apples.  For Little Dude it was love at first site, a play area for the kids, plenty of room to run, and a tractor ride!

Once we arrived at the section of the orchard we would be apple picking from, we were off. I was so amazed at the beautiful apple trees and all the different varieties of apples. Again, something we had really never seen before. Some of these apple varieties we never even heard off.  The apple trees were the perfect size for Little Dude to reach the apples.  Little Dude filled his own bag to the brim and loved picking apples off of the tree.  Even my hubby loved picking and eating apples off the tree.  The apples were fresh & delicious and we picked a few different varieties. 

After we filled 2 huge bags of apples we walked through the orchard back to the store.  We bought our apples, Hot Apple Cider and Cider Donuts!  We all sat together on hay bails and ate and drank our delicious treats.  We had never had Cider Donuts before and they were the best donuts we have ever eaten!  We sat and watched Little Dude run, climb, and play with the other kids also enjoying a Fall family fun day! 

The best part about the trip to the apple orchard, was exploring somewhere new, something Little Dude had never done before. I encourage you to get out with your family this season and try new things. I hope you enjoy some Fall family fun with your family!



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