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Walk Out The Door With A Smile On Your Face

How To Get Out Of The House...Happy.

by Lizzy McGrory  |  1335 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

Yippe, it’s the weekend!  Now it’s time for fun time with the family.  But before we head out there’s planning and packing to do.

But I’m tired and realize I left many things to do until the last minute.  I frantically run around because I want the family to have fun but don’t want to forget anything.  I start to feel tense, which may come off as a bit witchy, and this isn’t how I wanted to start the festivities.

How do I stop the freak out?

I can’t go back in time but I can control my attitude and thoughts.  It is what it is!  I take a few deep breaths.  Then I start talking out loud so that my husband and kids can help me get things together.  I use my support system.  So what if they are 3 and 5, they can pick up a water bottle or two!  Working as a family makes everyone feel good (I know my kids love it when they know they are helping Mommy).

I remember that in two hours all of this will feel like nothing. 

So I smile, because it’s really hard to feel anything but happy when you do.  So what if I forget a few things!  Then I feel myself release the urge to attain perfection.  I love my family.  To please them does not mean making sure everything on my to-do list is done.  To please them I must be present and show them love.  So I give them a hug.  Ask them what they think of our trip today.  Is there anything they would like to pack?  The thought to grab something flees from my mind because what is important is walking and packing with my child.  I say out loud that I want to grab a certain item and if someone hears me, great, if not, not a big deal.

There’s been too many times where anxiety took over my preparation efforts.  I don’t like who I morph into when this happens.  Next time my goal will be to prepare as much as I can, without maxing out my energy levels, and keep anxiety at bay by looking deep into my children’s and then my husband’s eyes. 

Because all you need is love to have a good time.  

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