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Tips for Exploring A New City As A Family

Make A Big Move A Little Easier

by Sarah Honey  |  1394 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

Our family recently relocated to the Philadelphia area from Florida for my hubby's work.

The boxes are unpacked and things have settled down for us in our new home.   It seemed like it was the perfect time to take on the sights before it gets too cold.  We were so excited to explore a new city, especially a city like Philadelphia, so rich in history.

In a mile area there is the Liberty Bell, Constitution Center, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross's house, & tons more! This was the first time our family has been to these amazing sites and my hubby & I love history!  We were both so excited to explore the birthplace of American Democracy and teach Little Dude a thing or two about American History.

As a family with an active 3- year- old, there had to be some real planning.   I wanted to know where the closest park was because there is only so much historical stuff Little Dude can handle before melt down mode.  I would say the best things I did was to talk to people, get local magazines, and hit the Internet!  I was telling someone that we were going to visit the Liberty Bell, and they told me about Franklin Park!  

Of course I Google it to check it out and it was a block away from where we were going to be & it was a top rated Park!  It had a fabulous playground, mini golf, and even a carousel! We had so much fun exploring and spending family time together!  We even took a Double Decker bus tour around the city!  That was an excellent way to see the sites and see what we wanted to come back to. 

The highlight of Little Dude's day was the Double Decker Bus Tour!  Another highlight of our day was stopping at a food truck and finding out that the soft pretzels was what Philadelphia was known for!  Who knew we moved to the perfect city because the soft pretzel is my favorite food!

Tips for Exploring a New City...

  1. Get a local magazine or newspaper that will tell you about what's going on in the area. 
  2. Check out local city websites and Yelp, read some reviews about places to visit & eat. 
  3. Talk to locals- our neighbors have been so helpful giving us suggestions about all the must do's.  
  4. Mix it up!  Explore some historical stuff then find a park!  Especially with kids!  Little dude loves it.





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