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Christmas Gift Idea: 52 Things Basket

The Most Meaningful Christmas Gift I Ever Gave

by Ashley Garrett  |  3851 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

It was Christmas, and someone had given me this wicker “thing” with “notes of positive affirmations.”  I opened it and began to read “You made those great scrapbooks for Jackson,” “You let boys be boys,” “You take in stray kittens,” “Your laugh is great fun.” There were many, many more. At the time I first received these, I couldn’t receive them in the way intended. I was almost embarrassed to read them. I certainly didn’t deserve these. I had too much guilt and shame to embrace any of these affirmations. But THIS time…with a clear head and honest heart, I knew I was worth every one of these little hand-written notes. I read every one, and EVERY one held a special memory and dammit, I was worth every word. That special box brought back a person I had forgotten.  Someone who I was pretty sure didn’t belong or exist and certainly didn’t EARN any of these kind words. But she did and I did.

This Christmas, give the people you love a precious yet simple gift:  remind them of their best selves, one little note at a time.

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