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Holiday Survival Guide: Tips To Make Traveling Easier

Traffic, Flight Delays, and Crowds…Help Me!

by Sarah Honey  |  4798 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

Traveling is hard enough, then add traveling over the holidays.  It doubles the stress for everyone. Fighting traffic, flight delays, and crowds are no fun but being prepared sure helps matters.  This year we traveled over Thanksgiving weekend and let me tell you I was so glad I was prepared! 

We went to visit family in New York, a four-hour car ride.  We woke up early, had everything packed up and ready to go.  We loaded the car the night before. Little Dude packed some of his toys for the trip and for the hotel in his own suitcase.  I prepared a “special bag” I kept next to me of snacks, drinks, toys, coloring, movies, travel games, his favorite blanket and some cars. 

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As you may know, long car trips leave many opportunities for kids to ask the dreaded "are we there yet?" So when Little Dude got bored with one thing I pulled out something different.  We stopped halfway there for a potty break and too stretch our legs. By the grace of God Little Dude ended up taking a nap and when he woke we were there!  We lucked out the last 1 hours of the trip! I know many of you may be traveling over the holidays, so here’s my list of what made travel easier for us. 

Top 10 Tips for Holiday Travel:

1. If you are flying, plan your travel times close to nap time

2. If you are driving, leave as early as possible

3. Eat at home before you leave, don’t expect your kiddos to sit in a restaurant then sit on the plane or in a car. 

4. Pack plenty of snacks & drinks

5. If driving plan for potty breaks and let every out to stretch there legs

6. Have tons of activities and have a few "new" items

7. Download a new movie or show to watch en-route or download a new game

8. If child has a special blanket, pacifier, stuffed toy etc. bring it

9. Give yourself extra time

10. Bring change of clothes, diapers, extra snacks, wipes, contact solution, tooth brushes you never now how long a delay could last


Happy travels! 

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